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Acadia Timelapse

Jon Secord
Jon Secord Acadia

As much as I love exploring new places, there’s something that can be so rewarding about returning to an area over and over, discovering more each time. This past June, we returned to Acadia National Park in Maine for (what is becoming) our annual June astrophotography workshop there. Though it may be busy, Acadia is magic in early summer. Wildflowers are blooming, lots of wildlife is on the move, and with such a diverse landscape to photograph in a relatively small national park- it can be hard to decide what to photograph!

I arrived a night early, and with clear skies in the forecast, I went after a shot I had tried for in March but got skunked by clouds. I actually saw this composition last year, but I just couldn’t get conditions to line up, so I was stoked to finally have everything come together!  To get to this spot, you have to scramble down a section of Otter Cliff, and set up close to a 60’ cliff above the ocean. Not the easiest place to shoot, but the sound of the waves crashing below was so cool!

We don’t get many chances to shoot photos ourselves during the workshops, but I did manage to grab a photo of one of our students on an amazing clear night...he was stoked! 

Once the workshop ended, we decided to stay a few extra days to explore and shoot. It was really fun checking out some new areas of the park, plus we had some incredible and dynamic weather conditions to work with.

Jon Secord Acadia
Jon Secord Acadia
Jon Secord Acadia

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