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Go Seek

Kylor Melton

Have you ever drove past a hill on the side of the road and had an urge to just stop and run up it? Break the routine and just do something different. But instead you just keep on driving looking back at your rear view at what could have been I’m so tired of this feeling that the best is yet to come the best is right here, right now yes there’s what you need to do to make a living but there’s also what you must do to feel alive.

Go seek because life is hidden and in adventure it can be found because these pursuits are triggers for self-actualization, releasing my potential because my body can only feel rested after it’s pushed, stretched and tested because sometimes I feel like something is sleeping inside of me deprived, just waiting to be revived. I need to be revitalized. I think that if I can spark this fire I can find the strength to reach higher challenge myself in experiences I’ll never forget and when I’m 80 years old on my rocking chair I’ll have no regrets this is my calling, I’m all in. But it’s not just a desire, it’s my responsibility because these places open up my eyes to possibility giving access to the limitless nature of our existence distance from that voice in my head that says stop when I struggle to stay persistent. 

So I chase the version of me I want to be stay on track by following the fear that holds me back climbing up a setback, deep inside of what I lack. I’m stalling, running as fast as I can but feel like I’m crawling. I tell myself to take a break, relax let what you lack be an empty crack you don’t have to be whole to be intact but I’m not very good at lying to myself. I know I need to catch that uncatchable self. I know that trying to be more than I am is who I am. I know that I’m in love with the never ending search it’s my drive, my passion, my thirst and it’s not because I’m never satisfied, it’s because I’m always satisfied learning how to glide in this bumpy ride this is my life commute it’s not the pursuit of happiness it’s the happiness of pursuit. I know that this trip will be over in a flash so I respect the dash the gravestone dash between birth and death is my time my time to explore, my time to live unbound.

kylor melton go seek
kylor melton go seek

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