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Hawaii Adventure

Ryan Robinson
ryan ronbinson hawaii adventure
ryan ronbinson hawaii adventure

Hawaii is one of those places you hear about, read about, and dream about. But over the years it started to lose its allure for me.  What more could there be than a few pretty beaches, right? Wrong... and that's where our adventures began.  Waking up the first day at 4am, we found ourselves dodging security guards and hiking up the stairway to heaven to catch a sunrise, showing us colors we didn't even know existed.  Fast forward and we’re underwater, close enough to a sea turtle to high-five the old man. Fast forward a little more and we took a break to hydrate, Hawaiian style. We cruised to the beach, found a couple coconuts, broke them open on a nearby rock, and poured the sweet nectar into our mouths as the sun set behind us.  

In an attempt to get away from it all we hopped on a plane to Kauai where we decided to hike the Napali Coast to Kalalau.

You want adventure? This is the place.

They say it's one of the top-20 dangerous hikes in the world and we found out why: 45-degree angled trails leading straight off a 300-ft drop into a rocky coast. Then there’s the flash floods; we awoke at 3am to a river running directly through our tent. After all of the struggles, we finally arrived at Kalalau.  I think time stopped that day as we walked together with smiles on as big as the sky.  It was the most heavenly beach I have ever experienced. 

If it's normalcy you're looking for, a weekend in a pretty hotel, some will tell you Hawaii is the place to go.  If it's adventure you're after my advice is this: sneak out the back door of that pretty hotel, ditch the travel pamphlet, and trade in your suitcase for a backpack. You'll find yourself more adventures than you could ever dream up.

Scout's honor.

ryan ronbinson hawaii adventure
ryan ronbinson hawaii adventure
ryan ronbinson hawaii adventure

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