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Nights in Acadia

Jon Secord
jon secord acadia

The mission was simple- shoot as much as possible in the few days before our workshop started.

I had been to Acadia National Park before, this was my fourth trip this year, but I had never been when the park was fully in bloom- and I was ready to make the most of the time I had. Loaded with fully charged batteries, an unnecessary amount of Red Bull, and two good friends, I’m still amazed at how productive of a trip it turned out to be.

Acadia felt like a totally different place compared to the previous trips, everything was so lush and green! I wanted to spend some time exploring some new places in the park this time around, and still barely scratched the surface. One of the places I had been looking forward to shooting was Gorham Mountain, a short hike with a big payoff. At just under a mile, and only 500 feet of elevation gain, the summit opens up with incredible ocean views looking down on Otter Cliff. Because it’s such a short hike, we ran up one afternoon to scout for Milky Way shooting later that night.

There’s something so fun about hiking at night, when it’s extremely rare to run into any other people. With clear skies overhead, knowing a plan was finally coming together, we pretty much ran up the trail. Watching the Milky Way shine overhead, with the sound of waves faintly crashing below, it was one of the best nights I’ve had shooting the night sky in Acadia.

Once our workshop started, I had to spend the majority of my time focusing on our clients, but I still managed to sneak away a few mornings while everyone was still sleeping. On our previous trips up there, Jesup Path was somewhere I knew I needed to return to. Every morning I was able, I’d crawl out of bed at dawn to walk the boardwalk through the lush forest

- straight out of a fairy tale.

Looking back, this was one of the most fun and successful weeks of my life, bringing home a bunch of new images I’m excited about, but those aren’t what I’ll remember. After the initial excitement fades of those new photos, what remains are the memories. I’ve said in the past that the photos almost feel like something extra from these trips, and what really matters is that feeling of adventure you get from exploring new places with good friends- that feeling is what continues to drive and inspire me.

jon secord acadia

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