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Road Trip to Denver

Joel Bear
joel bear road trip to denver

The road from our house in California to Denver Colorado is so easy you could drive it blind folded. You take the 15 to the 70 all the way in to Denver. With that said, the beauty on that stretch of road is beyond words. Views like Zion National Park, The Rocky Mountains, the Green River and Colorado National Monument are just a few of the gems along the way.

We started in California and spent the night in Zion National Park. Driving around the valley was just awe-inspiring and if you’ve been there, you know what I’m talking about. From turquoise rivers to red clay walls that soar over your head,

Zion is a place were you could explore for years and never feel bored.

After and night in Zion we raced up the 15 through Utah watching solitude drive by as miles of untampered wilderness rolled past our window. We dove all day listening to Ben Howard and eating chips, salsa and peanut butter and honey sandwiches. After countless hours on the road we pulled in at sunset to Colorado National Monument, one of the unspoken gems of Colorado. Watching the sunset on the Monument and deep canons that tare through the mountain is just too amazing for words. We went to bed watching the stars soar by, listening to the sound of a soft breeze. The following day we toured and hiked the monument with fresh coffee and oatmeal that we made that morning.

After the Monument, friends told us of these ice caves in a place called Rifle, Colorado, so we packed our Honda Element and drove to the icy wonderland. After winding down into the canyons we came upon not one but three frozen water falls, we were in Heaven. We crossed the river in our waterproof Forsakes and explored each one with awe and excitement. It felt like we were in an untouched world that we owned to ourselves. If you were quiet enough you could hear the water slowly melting and trickling down the frozen waterfall. After a couple hours of pure bliss we hopped back into our Element and drove to Denver. Winding through the Rocky Mountains was jaw-dropping. Watching fourteeners tear into the sky with white snow-capped peaks, I knew that we would be in pure bliss for the rest of the drive. As the sun set on the mountains and the soft colors of pink and blue covered the sky, we pulled out of the mountains to see the lights of Denver in the distance.

It is a drive that’s exciting every time.

joel bear road trip to denver
joel bear road trip to denver
joel bear road trip to denver