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Summer Pilgrimage

Adam Clark
adam clark summer pilgrimage

Driving up a pothole covered road at 11pm, the torrential downpour suddenly turns to snow - big, fat, maritime flakes coming out of the sky. Tunnel vision from the truck's headlights occasionally shows the road lined by mossy covered tree's awkwardly pointing in all directions, seemingly from the land before time. This is the vision I was hoping for.

After delays upon delays, running through airports and somehow connecting to a flight to Concepcion, Chile.

I was going to make it.

My iPhone kept telling me the storm was happening. Somehow my ticket purchased a month ahead of time had still aligned with one of the best storms of the summer, I mean, winter, for Nevados De Chillan. The small ski resort 11kms from the small town of Las Trancas is about 6 hours South of Santiago Chile. The town is at the base of 3 beautiful volcanoes just a few hours from the coastline of Chile. Endless winter was calling and I was getting lucky.

Airports, muddy roads, snowy roads, bars, restaurants, overweight bags. I only want to bring one pair of shoes.

adam clark summer pilgrimage
adam clark summer pilgrimage

Black Hiker

Men's Hiker

The new 2016 Hiker features an updated waterproof membrane with improved breathability, an anti-microbial lining, and a luxurious anti-odor footbed.